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What is Financial Planning?

Independent financial advice for your investments


Your investments can help you to meet long and short-term goals. You might want to invest for income or growth. Improve the return on your savings. Grow the value of your money for a specific purpose. Or, just put some money aside for a rainy day. Your situation is unique. We have a tried and tested process to decide which investments are right for you. First, we learn about your current situation. Then we find out more about your views and your objectives. Next we work with you to assess your attitude to investment risk. Then we design and present your bespoke investment plan.

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Independent financial advice for your pensions


Few people now enjoy the guaranteed income that comes with a final salary pension, and you have to wait longer to qualify for your state pension. In short, having plenty of money in retirement is on your shoulders. So, the more prepared you are, the better your retirement will be. It can be a boring subject. However, the end goal is to make you richer in retirement. We don’t do the jargon thing. We’re great at explaining the advantages and disadvantages of any decision, and we make sure your money’s in the right place and working hard for you.

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Independent financial advice for your estate planning

Estate Planning

The more you have, the less you should leave to chance. If your estate is large it could be subject to Inheritance Tax (IHT). Estate planning isn’t just about passing on money when you die. It’s also about having enough to live on so that you can enjoy life now. This is why it’s so important to make plans as early in life as possible. You might want to keep control over your assets. You might want your money to be used for a particular reason, such as paying for school fees or for a deposit on a first home. You might want your money to stay within your family. We can help you to make sure your money ends up with the people you want, for the reasons you choose.

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Independent financial advice for your protection needs


Mention protection and most people instantly think of mortgage protection or life assurance. If you have a small business, you might think about income protection or critical illness cover. The key question is, how do these products relate to you? A protection plan will help you to safeguard yours and your loved ones future. It will help you and your family to shrug off the financial impact of the unexpected. A protection plan will greatly reduce the impact of death or serious illness on you, your family and your business. As your adviser, our role is to prepare you for the unexpected and build a solid plan to protect those you love the most.

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Vouched for asset allocation advice

Asset Allocation

Your portfolio’s asset allocation describes the way its investments are divided between different asset classes. It’s the mix of assets in your portfolio. The major asset classes are shares, bonds, property and cash. Why is asset allocation important? It has the biggest impact on how your portfolio will perform in the future. Your portfolio’s asset allocation should balance your attitude to risk with your investment objective and your target return. We work with you to determine your attitude to risk and investment objectives, and we use this data to recommend a mix of investments. We then review your portfolio regularly, and we recommend changes to the mix to reflect any changes to your circumstances.

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Vouched for tax planning advice

Tax Planning

There’re no prizes for paying more tax than you’re required to. The UK tax system is complex, but if you structure your financial plans tax-efficiently, the benefits can be huge. We can help you make the most of your available allowances, so you don’t pay any more tax than you should. You get various tax allowances and reliefs each year, and if you make the most of them you can save a lot of money. The more tax you pay, the harder your investments must work to achieve the same returns. We can structure your financial plans so that you take advantage of all the tax-breaks you’re entitled to.

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