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What is Financial Planning?

Independent financial advice for your investments


Your investments can help you to meet long and short-term goals. You might want to invest for income or growth. Improve the return on your savings. Grow the value of your money for a specific purpose. Put some money aside for a rainy day. Invest sustainably. You may have strong ethical views. I use a robust process to find the investments which will work for you. I can help you to assess your appetite for risk, then if you tell me more about your views and objectives. I can design then recommend a bespoke investment plan.

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Independent financial advice for your pensions


Few people now enjoy the guaranteed income from a final salary pension, and you may have to wait longer than you anticipated to qualify for your state pension. You must make sure you have enough money in retirement to pay your living expenses. The more prepared you are, the better your chance to achieve a good pension income. I don’t do the jargon thing. I can explain the advantages and disadvantages of all your options.

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Independent financial advice for your estate planning

Estate Planning

The more you have, the less you should leave to chance. If your estate is large, it could be subject to Inheritance Tax (IHT). Estate planning isn’t just about passing on money when you die. It’s also about having enough to live on so that you can enjoy life now. Try to make plans as early in life as possible. You probably want to keep control over your assets. You might want your money to be used for a particular reason, such as paying for school fees or for a deposit on a first home. If you have children, you probably want your money to stay in the family. I can help you to make sure your money ends up with the people you want, for the reasons you choose.

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Independent financial advice for your protection needs


Mention protection and most people instantly think about mortgage protection life assurance. If you have a small business, you might think about income protection or critical illness cover. The key question is, do you want to protect the financial security of your loved ones? A protection plan will help you to safeguard their financial security. It can also help you to shrug off the financial impact of an unforeseen illness. In a nutshell, a well thought out protection strategy will greatly reduce the financial impact on you and your family if you either die or suffer a serious illness. My role is to prepare you for the unexpected and help you make a sensible, cost-effective plan to protect those you love the most.

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Vouched for asset allocation advice

Asset Allocation

You can invest in your capital in different assets e.g., cash, fixed interest, property, UK shares, international shares or emerging markets shares. Asset allocation describes the way you divide you invested capital between different these different assets. I use asset allocation to target your investment return, the amount of time you want to invest for and your appetite for risk. I work with you to determine your attitude to risk and your investment objectives. I use this information to build a suitable portfolio. We then meet to review your portfolio’s asset allocation regularly, and I recommend changes as your objectives evolve.

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Vouched for tax planning advice

Tax Planning

The UK tax system is complex. If your financial plans are tax-efficient, the benefits can be lucrative. Many people aren’t aware of the various tax breaks, tax reliefs, and tax allowances they’re legally entitled to. I can review your plans and I can show you how to make the most of these tax breaks. I can help you to ensure that you won’t pay more tax than you should. There’s a societal obligation to pay tax, but the more tax you pay, the harder you must work to earn a good living. I can help you to structure your financial plans to make the most of your hard-earned money and earn the best net return you can from your investments.

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