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Let’s build an investment plan that works for YOU

What are your goals? Are you investing with a purpose in mind? Are you Investing for your children or simply investing in building a lump sum for the future? We can tell you which investment plans benefit you and help you achieve the desired outcome.

Our proven process

Our Approach

Invest for the future and improve your financial security. It’s never too early or too late to start. We work out what you need to do today to build wealth.

Cashflow Plan

We work with you to create a powerful and engaging lifetime cash flow plan to bring your financial planning to life.

Investment Advice

We consider all your investment options and recommend the most tax-efficient strategy for you to grow your investments.

Regular Reviews

We regularly review your investment plans and give you proactive, practical advice to improve your investment returns.

Independent Financial Advice

Create Your Investment Plan

We aim to give you excellent advice, service and value for money in a relaxed and friendly manner. We hate jargon and high charges. We work hard to find cost-effective solutions and communicate with you in plain English.

Sustainable Investing (ESG)

Our ‘Eco Friendly’ sustainable investment planning experts can help you to invest with a purpose.

Individual Savings Account (ISA)

Your savings will grow free from personal Income and Capital Gains tax which will help you to build your wealth quickly.

General Investment Account

An alternative investment wrapper if you’ve used up your ISA Investment Limit of £20K and still have surplus capital to invest.

Investment Bond

Consider an investment bond if you’ve used your ISA allowance, you have potential capital gains, and for help with trust and estate planning.

Those who take financial advice are on average £47,000 better off than those that don’t

FT Adviser, November 2019

What Our Client’s Say About Us

“Neil is knowledgable and also has the skills to transfer this knowledge through years of experience - diverse - but all within a financial setting. He was tolerant and patient and explained his actions in simple language that was easy to understand."

– Jenny

"Neil gave us great advice in an easy to understand way and was very friendly, professional and helpful. We have already recommended him to people we know."

– Susan

"He made sure the family were involved with the process and he was always on the other end of the phone. I spoke with other advisers about my plans but Neil was easily the one of my choice."

– Valerie

I wanted to retire but needed to check it was viable and needed advice regarding drawdown, pension amalgamation, savings. Neil listed well, took time to write up a detailed assessment of my needs, risk preferences, options. I now feel confident about retiring. Neil confirmed the validity of some of the ideas I had, but also gave me alternative strategies I hadn't thought of, which made more sense.


Life was changing and, at age 60, my job prospects were uncertain. Neil helped us to identify what immediate financial worries we had, and life goals we wanted to achieve in the future. Neil asked us about what level of risk we were happy to engage in, and after that meeting devised a suggested plan based on the answers we gave. the immediate results have been positive; paying off the mortgage from my various pension pots, gathering them into a new managed portfolio have resulted in an immediate reduction in monthly outgoings and a sense of having more active control over my finances has given us peace of mind


I was looking for guidance and support on where to invest my savings. Neil was super friendly, helpful and approachable and did a great job of explaining things in layman's terms!


As I had made a decision to take early retirement, he helped me to plan and set up a retirement fund. This all proceeded very efficiently. So far so good!


Neil asked us thorough questions so that he had a very good understanding of our financial situation. He presented his findings to us in an easy to understand format and explained everything clearly. He offered very good advice and we felt confident that he was very knowledgeable in all areas that he helped us in. I felt that he was a safe pair of hands. He was easy to deal with, always responded quickly, and I found him very trustworthy and impartial.


He talked me through the options after ascertaining my attitude to risk/reward and analysing my outgoings and plans for the future. Started in March 2021 and it seems to be going to plan.


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