Lifetime Cashflow Plan

Our interactive graphical lifetime cash flow planner brings your financial plans to life. You can use your personalised cash flow plan to assess your current financial situation and determine how to achieve your goals.

Lifetime Cashflow Plan

A better way to visualise your financial future. Build an interactive picture of your finances to forecast your future financial position, then create a series of scenarios to see how the plans you could make now might work out.

You can use your lifetime cash flow plan to see if your existing pensions and investments are suitable for your needs and to highlight whether there are any shortfalls or gaps in your current financial goals.

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Get a true picture of where your finances are today.

Find out whether your existing savings, pensions and investments will be worth enough.

Bring your plans to life by modelling the effect of changes you make today on the outcome.

Develop a clear financial plan for the future.

“We give candid, impartial, effective, plain English financial advice.”

Those who take financial advice are on average £47,000 better off than those that don’t

FT Adviser, November 2019


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cash flow plan?

In financial planning, a cash flow plan will help you determine whether your savings, investments and pensions will be worth enough money in the future. You can use the results of your lifetime cash flow plan to determine whether there’s a gap or shortfall between your existing financial goals and objectives and the cost to fill it. 

Why should you always have a cash flow plan?

A lifetime cash flow plan will help you to budget. You can use it to determine how much you need to save to achieve your long-term financial planning objectives, e.g., an income in retirement. Your cash flow plan will help you to quickly identify whether you’re saving too much or not enough, whether you’re overspending and whether there are any gaps in your current financial planning strategy.

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